LEDAY: We have the same goals, but every season is different

Basketball player Zach LeDay is preparing with Partizan in Kopaonik, where they are gathering strength for upcoming obligations in the ABA and Euroleague.

LeDay starts his third season in the jersey of the regional champion and it can be said that he has already settled in. At the beginning, he said that he sees the next season in which the black and white have the highest ambitions.

“We have the same goals, but every season is different. You have to adapt to the teammates you have and do the things that will help your team be successful,” said LeDay for club television.

Journalists were interested in whether he missed his teammates and how much he enjoyed his vacation.

“I enjoyed my vacation. It’s nice to be surrounded by your people. Of course, you also miss your teammates with whom you have been together for two years. But I enjoyed my vacation because it is rare. I only have a month and a half, and it’s not like I won’t see my teammates again. I took advantage of my free time and now I’m going back to work.” Zach pointed out.

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