CSKA Moscow's Absence from Euroleague: Vatutin Mentions Partizan's Aspirations

Andrey Vatutin, the top executive of CSKA Moscow, acknowledges that the Russian powerhouse will be absent from the Euroleague for an extended period.

He openly admits that the team will undergo significant cuts due to the current financial situation. Nikola Milutinov and Aleksej Shved have already left the club, and there are rumors of Dejan Davidovac following suit.

During an interview with Russian media, the president of CSKA Moscow confirmed the unlikelihood of their return to the Euroleague and mentioned Monaco and Partizan as clubs striving for long-term cooperation with the league.

“People need to understand that the spots for Russian teams in international competitions are already filled. Given the current circumstances, returning to the Euroleague is not feasible, even on neutral grounds. Furthermore, we see Monaco’s success and their desire for a long-term license, as well as Partizan, which consistently fills its arena for every game. Surely, they too aspire to establish a longer-term relationship with the Euroleague. When we get another opportunity to play in the Euroleague, we will have to fight for that spot and prove ourselves once again. However, as CSKA, we possess a strong brand and a substantial budget,” stated Vatutin.

CSKA Moscow announces significant changes for the upcoming season.

“The departures of Nikola Milutinov and Aleksey Shved will not contribute much from a financial standpoint. We have lost several sponsors due to the pandemic, and this trend has continued. In the current season, a significant portion of the funds were allocated to fulfill our obligations to the players. Consequently, the budget for the next season will be significantly reduced.”

Although they cannot participate in the competition, CSKA Moscow remains involved with the Euroleague.

“We are still shareholders in the Euroleague and participate in all negotiations, albeit primarily through online means rather than in-person meetings. Despite the unusual circumstances, we maintain communication and actively engage in the functioning of the competition.”

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