Romelu Lukaku spent last season on loan at Inter, and the club was ready to keep him and planned to buy him from Chelsea, although he did not make a name for himself last season due to frequent injuries.

However, Lukaku did not plan to stay at Inter but secretly negotiated with other clubs, including Inter’s bitter rival – Juventus.

The Belgian previously stated that he would never go to the Turin club or Milan, but he did not keep his word.

His negotiations with Juventus disappointed teammates and coach Simone Inzaghi, who spoke about Lukaku:

“I thank him for everything he gave us last season. I wanted to keep him, but he made a different decision. I’m disappointed how it all ended because the Inter family received him nicely”.

Romelu Lukaku has not yet found his next club, although in the last few days, it was written about the negotiations between Roma and Chelsea about his loan, but Chelsea refused because they want to find a permanent solution for him.


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