JAMES 'LURED' MIROTIC IN MONACO: I told him that we should play together

Monaco player Mike James revealed that the club from the principality was close to bringing Nikola Mirotic during the summer transfer window.

While guesting on the podcast, James revealed that he had a conversation with Mirotic during the final four in Kaunas, in which both Monaco and Barcelona lost in the semi-finals.

“Since we both had a final four that we didn’t hope for, we talked about the fact that we should play together, wherever we end up. He had problems in Barcelona, so the logical choice was Monaco. I tried to connect him with the club, but I am not the general manager, nor the coach.

I was not in the room when the conversations took place. According to my information, his first choice was Partizan, then us. He agreed with Partizan, but a lot was happening. I think that Olimpia from Milan was last on his list at that moment,” revealed the Monaco player.

Nevertheless, Mike James starts the season in the jersey of the team led by Sasa Obradovic. Mirotic left Barcelona after four years, and his potential arrival in Serbia caused a lot of uproar. In the end, he announced via social networks that he would not strengthen Partizan after all.

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