Spain coach Sergio Scariolo said that they are more focused on Mundobasket than on the match with the Dominican Republic.

Scariolo said that this is a good opportunity to test some other things and that they are ready for the challenge of defending the title of planetary champion.

“We enter this match with our heads set for Mundobasket, and we think more about that than about the match itself, which has not been the case so far. We want to test some other things, players who want to play will play, and less those who are less interested.” revealed the coach of Spain.

He praised the selection of the Dominican Republic.

“They have a lot of quality, great playmakers, talented tall players and a global superstar. They played great against everyone.”

Finally, he talked about the pressure his players have before the tournament itself.

“The pressure we put on ourselves to go above and beyond is much greater than any pressure someone else puts on us,” Scariolo said.

Spain is in group G where there are also Iran, Brazil and Ivory Coast.


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