SAGA VLAHOVIĆ – LUKAKU CONTINUES: Chelsea does not want the Serbian player!

Instead of a step forward, the negotiations between Chelsea and Juventus regarding Vlahović and Lukaku are going backwards, and after today’s news, Juventus will almost certainly not negotiate anymore.

Juventus resolutely requested the amount of 40 million euros for Vlahović, while Chelsea are ready to give half as much money, and with such an offer they want to send a message that the Serbian center forward is not worth more to them.

That is why the “blues” will not give Lukaku, and they do not want the Serbian footballer who was clear when he said that he did not want to leave Juventus and that he would do it only for the good of that club.

After all this information, the negotiations stopped so much that Lukaku continued training in the sports center of the Blues.

What is likely to have a huge impact on the leaders of Juventus is what they think and communicate without problems during the pre-season games that the club plays.

They want Vlahovic and Lukaku is out of the question.

Juventus’ game yesterday turned into a gathering of fans who are there because of Dusan Vlahovic. The fans chanted “We don’t want Lukaku.” while Vlahović enjoyed special attention after two hits. His teammates hugged him, and over 24,000 Juventus fans cheered his name.

The fans are also protesting outside the stadium against Lukaku, and Cesar Prandelli, Dušan’s former teacher, joined in the whole story and said: “Vlahović is younger, has more perspective, in the future he will become stronger than Romelu and will be worth at least 100 million.”

Negotiations are currently on hold, but Chelsea, who want to get rid of Lukaku, are expected to return soon.

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