RETURN OF WAITERS? After a 3-year break, he wants to return to the NBA

Former Cleveland, Miami and Lakers basketball player Dion Waiters says he is ready to play again in the NBA after a three-year absence. The former fourth pick in the 2012 draft had his last job in 2020 with the Lakers, with whom he won the title.

However, after that, there were no more NBA teams that wanted him due to his grumpy temperament. While he was a member of Miami, where he played the best basketball of his career, he was suspended three times in the same season.

Once because of dissatisfaction with his role in the team, the second time because of marijuana cakes and the third time when he posted a picture celebrating his birthday and reported to coach Spoelstra that he was sick.

Today, three years later, he was found training in Las Vegas, and he pointed out that he needed a new opportunity to prove himself in the NBA league.

“I’m healthy and I just want a chance to show that I’m no longer the same person I was. I know a lot of people are talking about it and that I should get back on the field, but for me it’s more important to show people that I’ve changed. That’s why I’m here and I still have the same love for the game.” said Waiters.

“I let Miami down, and they were good to me. Everything happens for a reason, I looked at myself in the mirror, reassessed myself and all I want is to move on,” added Dion Waiters.

By the way, Waiters has meanwhile dealt with another big problem, anxiety.

“When I stopped playing, anxiety broke me. I was in constant fear of what to do next and what would happen. Now that’s behind me, I’m mentally and physically healthy and I’m ready to show that I’m worth it.” Waiters finished.

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