Partizan captain Kevin Punter said that he does not like the new concept of the Euroleague, which will introduce play-in starting next season.

The Euroleague announced 12 days ago that it has introduced a new competition format, play-in, like in the NBA league. So far, teams from first to eighth place in the standings of the regular season have qualified for the quarterfinals.

However, starting next season, those teams that finish seventh and eighth will play one game, and the winner will go directly to the playoffs.

The defeated team from that duel will play three days later against the winner of the duel of the teams that took the 9th and 10th positions.

“I do not like that. We have 34 games in the regular season, and we’d better get quarter-finalists in them. I’m sorry, but the league is very competitive. From top to bottom, a large number of quality teams are concentrated, so I don’t think there is any need for a play-in format.” Punter said on the Donatas Urbonas podcast.

“I don’t know if the play-in would extend the season, but that should also be taken into account. The season is already long and intense anyway, it’s a fierce battle in 34 matches, so it’s better to stay as it was until now. I don’t want to play any play-in games.” Punter finished.


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