NO LONG OLD GLOW: Efes and Zalgiris are still looking for an elixir from the past!

Two European basketball giants, Zalgiris and Anadolu Efes, have been in a very big crisis since the very beginning of the new season in the Euroleague.

The Turkish team enchanted Europe with modern basketball for the previous two years, which was eventually crowned with the title of champion of the Old Continent.

The thesis that it is harder to defend than to win, was confirmed at the beginning of the new season on the example of Anadolu Efes.

The current winner of the Euroleague did not change much of the team in relation to the championship year. Some players, such as Filip Petrusev, have been added to the current roster.

But the results are not nearly as good as last year. Even if we ignore the bad numbers, Anadolu Efes does not play recognizably with a fast transition and a large number of shots.

There is also the fact that from the start of the season, Ergin Ataman has certain problems putting together a team, but that is not an excuse for a modest 2-5 after the first seven rounds played in the strongest European basketball competition.

One of the two victories was achieved against Zalgiris, who is in even greater trouble, but about the Lithuanians a little later…

It is not possible that one team “forgot” to play its game after only a few months, maybe there are some bad interpersonal relationships within the team.

Whatever Anadolu Efes is, they have to start if they want to return to the game for placement in the knockout phase.

They will have the opportunity for that today against Zenit on the home floor.

Lithuanian Zalgiris, who is in an even worse situation than Vasilije Micic and his teammates, confirms that something is wrong with the greats this season.

After seven Euroleague matches, Lithuanians do not have a single triumph…

The tribute to the bad results was paid by coach Martin Schiller, who was fired after two introductory defeats.

He was replaced by Slovenian coach Jure Zdovc, but there was no progress.

Zalgiris, like Anadolu Efes, did not change much, but he remained a pale shadow of the team that narrowly missed the playoffs of the previous year.

Last season, the team from Kaunas had an excellent performance of 17 victories and the same number of defeats, and the scalps of much better-paid teams were taken.

Today, Zalgiris has a new chance for the first victory in the Euroleague because Alba Berlin is coming to Kaunas.

Can two greats start winning or is the season already lost for them?

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