MUD WRESTLING OR BASKETBALL? Trinchieri commented on the match in his own style.

Bayern basketball players continued their winning streak and in the seventh round of the Euroleague recorded a secure victory against Alba (82:69), which is enough for coach Andrea Trinchieri to be satisfied, but…

Trinchieri also had some objections and a very interesting statement after the match.

  • This was an ugly game, it’s always like that when a double round is played. You are simply exhausted from the first match. You have to travel and then play again, that’s how it was with both teams. To win a duel like this, you need to wrestle in the mud because you are heavy and slow – said Trinquieri.

The key to the visitors’ victory was a few heavy shots that Bayern players hit in the fourth quarter.

  • We were better in the transition and we managed to find playful basketball players. That was very important. Othello Hunter, Darrun Hilliard, and Corey Walden changed the course of the duel. However, this is a team victory – says Trinchieri and adds:
  • They only gave us an incentive in the attack, but this was the victory of our defense. We needed this from the beginning – the feeling that we could win – said the Italian expert.

In the next match in the Euroleague, Bayern will play on Friday, November 5, against Real Madrid.

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