PROBLEMS IN BOSTON: Players convene an emergency meeting!

Before the start of the season, Boston was considered one of the favorites for a high ranking in the Eastern Conference. As the games go on, the Celtics look worse on the field…

Boston did not start well in the new NBA season, which is why the basketball players decided to get together and solve all the problems.

Something like that was expected, since the other day Marcus Smart publicly pointed out that Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown do not see their teammates at all and do not want to pass the ball.

This is partly true since Tatum really has a desperate percentage at the start of the season. It is true that the talented winger averages 24.3 points per game, but with only 38.4 shots from the game!

What’s more, the entire Boston team is barely on 39 percent shot from the game, of which they shoot a miserable 27 percent for three points.

That is why it is not surprising that the team at the start of the new season has the effect of three victories and even five defeats, which puts it at the very bottom in the East.

Allegedly, at the mentioned meeting, the players overcame all disagreements, with the words “that everyone is here to play basketball and win”, so the Celtics are expected to significantly improve their form as soon as possible.

True, the schedule for something like that is not the most convenient for them, since they will have a match with hot Miami, always unpleasant Dallas, Toronto, and then NBA champion Milwaukee…

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