SCOTTIE PIPPEN IS NOT THRILLED ABOUT "THE LAST DANCE": Jordan convinces the kids that he is the best!

Last year, a documentary series called “The Last Dance” was released, which showed the basketball journey of Michael Jordan.

However, “The Last Dance” is something completely different from what is presented in the series. The entire career of Michael Jordan is shown in 10 episodes, and the original “last dance” is the name for, still, the last title of the Chicago Bulls in the NBA league in the 1997/1998 season.

“The Last Dance” was supposed to emphasize some other things, besides praising Michael Jordan. A year after the release of the series, also an essential member of the then Bulls, Scottie Pippen, also spoke up.

  • The series glorifies Michael Jordan, and does not give enough respect and praise for what only I and other teammates did. Michael is one of the main culprits for that. The producers allowed him to rearrange the final product, because the series would not have been released if it had not happened. He was the editor-in-chief – wrote Scottie Pippen and added:
  • Michael presented his story, not the story of the “last dance”. Jordan is determined to prove to the younger generations that he is still the best. That he is bigger than LeBron, who is considered as good as Jordan, if not better – concluded Scottie Pippen.

What are your opinions about the mentioned series, and do you think that the legendary basketball player Scottie Pippen is right?

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