VIRTUS ONLY STANDING STATION: Shengelia already knows where she will play next summer! 

The arrival of Tornike Shengelia in the ranks of Virtus shook the European market. Mostly because it is one of the best “four” in Europe, which dropped from the Euroleague to a lower rank in the Eurocup.

With the arrival of a strong basketball player along with Daniel Heckett, Virtus quickly became probably the first candidate to win the Eurocup and thus win a place in the Euroleague.

It still hurts everyone in Bologna that they did not win that privilege last season under the leadership of Sasa Djordjevic, so they want to avoid such a scenario by bringing Shengelia.

However, even if Virtus wins the Euroleague next season, it seems that the Georgian will not compete for the black and whites from Bologna.

According to local media, Shengelia treats Virtus as a way station and an environment in which she will keep fit since parting with the CSKA team.

And that is because Shengelia has already agreed to wear the jersey of the current vice-champion of Europe – Barcelona next season!

As it is stated, the Georgian has already agreed on a multi-year contract with the Catalans, and next season, along with Nikola Mirotic, he will represent the strongest pair of wing centers in Europe.

If Barcelona is “thin” somewhere, it is precisely the position of the wing center, where Sergio Martinez, Rowlands Schmitz, and Pierre Oriola play alongside Nikola Mirotic.

As Martinez is only 22 years old, and Oriola and Schmitz are in decline in form and minutes, cooperation with Shengelia has been agreed.

There is no doubt, Barcelona will be even stronger than the 2022/2023 season…

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