Radonjic: We need one more player

Montenegrin coach Dejan Radonjic left Red Star this summer and joined Greek Panathinaikos, which significantly changed the team with the arrival of a new coach.

The Greens were reinforced this summer: Grigonis, Lee, Wolters, the brothers Kalaitzakis, Williams, Andrews and Gudaitis, and the coach announces the arrival of another reinforcement to complete the team.

“There have been many conversations within the team since I arrived. We have analyzed the players we have and the players we need, so we have made a completely new team with many new people and that means we have a big job ahead of us. We need another player, we will search smartly and make the right decision,” said Radonjic.

He will not change the winning tactics that brought him trophies with Red Star.

“In order to be competitive in the Euroleague, we have to be strong both in attack and defense, and I think we can do that,” says Radonjic.

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