Durant: I'm shocked by the departure of Nash, but it just didn't work out

Brooklyn Nets player Kevin Durant is surprised by the franchise’s decision to end cooperation with current coach Steve Nash.

During the summer, the star of Brooklyn conditioned the leaders to fire Nash if they wanted him to stay, then the Nets did not do it, but now they are after a weak start to the season.

“One is always shocked when such things happen, but they are normal in the NBA. In this league, a person has to turn over a new page quickly, especially during the season – training, matches, not thinking too much,” Durant said.

During their time with the Golden State Warriors, Durant and Nash became close friends, but it didn’t work out with the Nets.

“There are many reasons why it is so. We didn’t have a healthy team, we just didn’t play well. And that happens, s***s happen. This does not mean that Steve’s basketball intelligence is lower or that it says something about the way he learns basketball. It just didn’t work out”.

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