LeBron: Wherever he ends up, so will I.

LeBron James, a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, has been announcing for years that he will play in the NBA until his son LeBron Jr., better known as Bronnie, joins him.
Although he is 37 years old, LeBron still plays great.

Journalists asked James on All-Star Weekend how long he still intends to play basketball.

“I will play with my son last year. Wherever Bronny ends up, so will I. I would do whatever it takes to play with my son for a year. It has nothing to do with money anymore, ” James said.

He added a whole new dimension to this statement, telling virtually all NBA clubs that he would play for them if they drafted his son.

James’ contract with the Lakers expires in the summer of 2023, and his son will not apply for the draft until 2024.

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