Djokovic was left without 2000 points, Medvedev is breathing down his neck!

On one day, Novak Djokovic enters the 361st week as the world ATP leader, but his lead over Daniil Medvedev has shrunk to 440 points.

Because of last year’s Australian Open, Novak was deprived of 2,000 points, and Medvedev of 1,200.

On Monday, Novak will have 8,875 points, while Medvedev will have 8,435 points, followed by German Alexander Zverev with 7,515 points, Greek Stefanos Tsistsipas with 6,565 points, and Spanish Rafael Nadal with 6,515 points.

And the advantage decreased between Djokovic and Nadal by 2,360 points.

Novak must play well at the tournament in Dubai, in order to keep first place, but not everything depends only on him, but also on how Daniil Medvedev plays in Acapulco.

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