CSKA basketball player Alexey Shved condition is known after serious injuries after hooligan attack

CSKA Moscow basketball player Alexey Shved is in critical condition after being brutally beaten by “Armejac” fans outside a restaurant following his team’s defeat.

Initially, it was confirmed that the Shved had a concussion, but now it has been reported that he has a tumor and air trapped inside his head. As a result, he will have to be immobilized and wear a collar, according to his wife, Anastasia Zyatdinova, who spoke to “Sport Express”.

Shved, who grew up in CSKA, returned to the club two years ago after playing for several other teams, including the Houston Rockets, New York Knicks, and Khimki. The incident occurred after the game, and the player was immediately taken to the hospital, where he is currently receiving treatment.

The attack has shocked the sports community, with many expressing their support for the player and condemning the violence. The basketball player’s condition remains critical, and his fans and teammates are hoping for a speedy recovery.

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