THE PRIME MINISTER OF VICTORIA DOES NOT DEVIATE: Unvaccinated tennis players cannot come and that is final!

Lots of noise around the Australian Open, and it hasn’t even started yet.

After our announcement that the competition will be allowed only to vaccinated tennis players, confirmation arrived, and then numerous reactions.

After all, a rather interesting but not so promising announcement emerged that things could change after all.

But Daniel Andrews, the prime minister of the state of Victoria, is standing by the opinion that unvaccinated tennis players should not be allowed to enter Australia.

  • Try to enter the United States, most of Europe, various parts of Asia without being vaccinated. You will not receive a visa. Then why would it be any different here? “I don’t think there’s much to say, if you want one of those visas or come here, you have to be vaccinated with a double dose,” Andrews told Radio ABC.

Andrews further clarified his position.

  • All people who will watch the Australian Open will be double vaccinated as well as everyone who works there. The reason is that if you want to enter the country and be part of the tournament, you have to be vaccinated.

However, the statements of the Minister of Sports, Martin Pakula, for the 3AW radio station indicate that it could be completely different. Quite the opposite.

  • We are still resolving the matter with Tennis Australia and the Commonwealth about whether to allow unvaccinated people to enter Australia at all and if so, under what conditions it will be allowed. We do not expect this to be resolved in at least a few more weeks. In the end, it will be a federal decision on who can enter the country and under what conditions. We are still in negotiations, we are talking to “Tennis Australia”, which is also talking to the Commonwealth. We will solve all that and the players will have time to understand what the rules will be. The only thing we have already convinced them is that the vaccinated players will be treated the same as any vaccinated person who wants to enter the country – said Pakula.

What the decision will be in the end remains to be seen.

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