DREAMS COLLAPSE AT THE OLD TRAFFORD: Solskjaer is losing everyone's support, Ronaldo is already losing his temper!

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Manchester United are under a lot of pressure, but it seems that they will not do anything about it.

After the information appeared yesterday that Solskjaer will be replaced before the weekend, now the reliable “Athletic” writes that there is nothing of that.

According to “Athletic”, the change of the manager of the ” Devils” is still not on the agenda of the club’s leaders, so he will lead the team on Saturday, in the derby against Tottenham.

“Tok Sport”, on the other hand, writes that Ole still enjoys the support of Alex Ferguson, which is also important in the whole story.

United is facing a real challenge. First, they visit London, and a day later they go to face Atalanta. After that – a new derby, this time against Manchester City.

However, it is clear that the “Devils” are losing support. Apart from the fact that the fans left the stadium in the 60th minute during the game against Liverpool, many legends turned their backs on them. Paul Scholes is known as a great critic of the club, that is, the people who work in it, and it seems that Rio Ferdinand has lost his patience.

And nothing is right at the “Old Trafford”. Some newsletters write that Eric Baji “attacked” Solskjaer, that is, he objected to him for persistently forcing Harry McGuire, for example, who played in poor health against Liverpool, which was felt on the field.

Donnie van de Beek and Jesse Lingard are also missing, and Cristiano Ronaldo is getting more and more nervous. Not only about the results, but also about Mason Greenwood’s alleged selfishness at the end of the attack.

It is also speculated that the team was disappointed when Solskjaer asked the players at a half time just to save the net so they can avoid a debacle in the second half.

There is no support for a Solskjaer, it is crystal clear, and he has even encountered criticism from Rio Ferdinand.

– The one against Liverpool was a disgrace. I know what it looks like, we lost on our field to Manchester City with 1: 6, but we had an identity and we knew how to come back. The problem with this team is that they have no identity, they don’t even know who they are. You watch the game and ask yourself, ‘What are we doing?’ Does the coach give them the right information? Or the players don’t understand what is he telling? At the moment, everything looks kind of cluttered. You have to ask yourself if this team is being run the right way? – Ferdinand wondered.

Gary Neville is the only one who still believes in him.

I saw how Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal worked and I was disappointed… I would not bring Conte, he is not for United. I may be wrong, but I think it would be a mistake to fire Ole – Neville said.

And how will United get out of this, remains to be seen.

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