STRANGE RECORD IN THE AGE OF CORONAVIRUS: Barcelona fans fill the box office and overtake a great English derby!

The previous weekend brought us many amazing matches but also broke an interesting record.

We watched derbies all over Europe, although many ended up with convincing results, so the question is whether they can be called derbies, but that is another topic

While we were nailed to the TV screens all afternoon, many fans rushed to the stadiums of their clubs across Europe and watched their teams live and thus managed to break the record.

El Clásico once again attracted a lot of attention from the public and fans, and the match at the Camp Nou stadium was watched live by 86,422 fans, and it is the biggest visit to a football match since the measures and restrictions at stadiums were eased up around the world.

It is stated that the cheapest tickets actually cost 99 euros, and it is estimated that Barcelona earned around 4,500,000 euros from ticket sales.

Not a bad figure, especially when you consider that the giant for Catalonia is in big financial trouble. As many as 10,000 fewer spectators were at the match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

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