DJOKOVIC: I know that they want my 'scalp', that they want to beat me, but it is still not happening

Immediately after the end of the match, Novak Djokovic announced that he was visibly satisfied with his game.

Djokovic defeated Andrey Rublev in the quarterfinals after four sets.

“First of all, I want to thank all the fans who created a great atmosphere, I hope you enjoyed it. There were exceptional exchanges and intensity. You can hear him yelling after the forehand, it’s a little scary. He is someone who has been consistently around the Top 10 for the past few years. I have to congratulate him on a great tournament,” began Djokovic, who did not want to comment on the numbers that are constantly mentioned:

“Thanks for bringing them up, but in the end they’re just numbers. I don’t like to spend time talking about statistics, this tournament is still going on. I want to focus on the next match. I know that every match will be more and more difficult.”

The current champion of London is facing a large pressure, so he was asked to comment on it:

“I love it, it’s true. I think every tennis player likes to be in a position where everyone wants to beat him. That is a privilege. Pressure is part of what we do. The pressure is always there and I feel it every time I go out, especially on the Central pitch. At the same time, it awakens the most beautiful emotions in me and inspires me to play the best tennis. I know that they want my ‘scalp’, that they want to beat me, but it’s still not happening,” Djokovic concluded, and his last statement caused a real eruption of applause in the stands.

“Very modest,” added Novak Djokovic with a laugh.

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