Stankovic is already on the verge of being fired from Sampdoria!?

Dejan Stankovic took over the team from Genoa a month ago, and he is already about to be fired, according to the Italian media!

The Serbian expert could be fired since he has recorded four straight defeats since taking over Sampdoria.

He was not on the bench against Lecce, and the Italian “Sky Sport” writes that chaos arose in the stadium after the lost match.

“The fans were furious and tried to block the exits at the ‘Luigi Ferraris’ stadium, also known as ‘Marassi’. They wanted to keep the players and managers inside the stadium. The tension ‘broke through the ceiling’, and Stankovic looked upset while watching the match from the stands due to the penalty for being sent off in the previous match,” Italian media write.

Gianluca Di Marzio, the most famous Italian journalist, announced that Stankovic’s current team is ready to replace him and that the hardened Claudio Ranieri could take his place.

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