In the first round of Group C of the Champions Cup, Al Nasr with Cristiano Ronaldo played without goals against Al Shabab, and this footballer was at the center of attention because of another aggressive outburst.

Ronaldo started the match from the bench, and as soon as he entered the game, he shook the opponent’s net, albeit from offside.
The Portuguese was not satisfied that his goal was disallowed, and even less with the final result of the match.

He found the culprit for this in the cameraman who, at the very end of the match, was doing his job next to the touchline, where Ronaldo was also found, whom the cameraman filmed making unhappy comments.

Cristiano threw an open bottle of water at him, which also doused the cameraman, and then angrily waved him to get away from him.

This is not something new as far as Ronaldo is concerned, since even before going to Saudi Arabia he was often at the center of attention due to similar, if not worse, reactions.


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