Mosta FC protest is not upheld for the second time

The Protest lodged by Mosta FC in relation to the BOV Premier League match against Sirens FC played on the 3rd February 2024, which was reheard by the Protests Board in a sitting on Friday 23rd February 2024 was not upheld again.

The Protests Board did not uphold the Protest and therefore the result of the said match stands.

The Protest had been originally heard on the 9th February 2024. Subsequently, the MFA Executive Board on the 16th February 2024 had taken cognizance of an error of fact which had been made before the Protest Board, differently composed, and which had been referred to in the Board’s decision. Therefore, the MFA Executive Board had referred the matter back to the Protest Board to be reheard but this Board came up with a similar conclusion that Mosta FC’s protest should not be upheld.

The hearing coincided with the MFA’s President visit to the Charles Abela Stadium last week where Mr Vassallo was greeted by Mosta FC President George Galea who like the majority of the Premier League Club Presidents are not number 1 fans of the current administration.

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