LEWANDOWSKI HAS A NEW TACTIC: Bayern does not let him go, he uses a rule that many do not know about!

Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern at all costs and seems not to choose the means to do so.

The Polish footballer has long expressed his desire to leave the Munich club, and if they do not let him go, he could use a rule that many do not know about.

Bayern has no intention of selling him, and now the German media write that Lewandowski has already agreed on a three-year contract in Barcelona and that he is just waiting to settle things with Bayern.

The German “Bild” writes that the Pole could still use the so-called “Webster’s rule”. That is the rule that FIFA introduced in 2006, after the transfer of Andy Webter from the Scottish Hearts to the English Wigan.

According to that rule, football players older than 28 can buy their own contract in case at least two years have passed since the last contract renewal with the current club.

As Lewandowski had the last extension of cooperation in the summer of 2019, he can do it. Therefore, Bayern received some compensation, but it would be far less than the amount that, say, Barcelona would be willing to pay for the transfer.

According to the German TV station Sport1, he allegedly decided not to travel to the American tour, which starts in the second half of July, as a new kind of pressure on the leaders of Bayern.

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