TATUM LIKE A KOBE: In the style of a legendary basketball player, he is preparing for the finals! (PHOTO)

Jayson Tatum is preparing for the second match of the NBA Finals with the Golden State Warriors in a specific way.

The Warriors lead in the grand final with a score of 1:0 in the series. They defeated Boston at the premiere by 120: 108 and thus gained an advantage at the end of the competition.

Tatum had 12 points with 13 assists, but also a worse shot than in the game, which he would like to correct in the second game.

As you can see in the picture, he is preparing for the second match, following the example of the legendary Kobe Bryant, and to make things even crazier, there is even his clothing combination for this training, which pays homage to his idol.

Tatum never hid that Kobe Bryant was his favorite player and idol.

– He was my idol, inspiration, favorite player… The sneakers I wear in the last few games are dedicated to him. Today, before the nap, I watched the recordings and some moments he had during his career. This has been the biggest game of my career so far. I wanted to wear a ribbon around his arm in his part and in some way share this moment with him – said the Boston winger.

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