THE NBA LEAGUE INTERVENTED: New competitions-broadcast on Netxlif, Euroleague with 24 teams, Bodiroga new president!

The conflict between FIBA and the Euroleague will soon escalate, and the NBA league has decided to get involved in this story.

The conflict between FIBA ​​and the Euroleague will soon escalate, and the NBA league has decided to get involved in this story.

According to the information coming from Greece, great earthquakes are being prepared, which will be discussed much more at the meeting between the shareholders of the Euroleague on Wednesday, at which the successor of Giorgio Bertomeu should be chosen, it is mentioned that it could be Dejan Bodiroga.

Mark Tatum, the other man of the strongest basketball league in the world, Adam Silver, is participating in the talks no less and no more than the other man in the NBA league.

The NBA League has already launched a competition in Africa and sees Europe as a region full of potential. After all, players like Luka Dončić, Nikola Jokić, Giannis Antetokunmpo and many others came from Europe. That’s why they want to make the most of it. The first condition for that goal is calming the “war” between the Euroleague and FIBA, ie reaching an agreement according to which national team matches would not be played during Euroleague matches so that the best ones could be part of national teams. That is the main condition that came from the NBA – it is stated in the text.

The NBA is interfering in the conflict (Photo: Guliver)

In that case, there would be prosperity for the Euroleague.

– Reconstruction of everything is ready. The idea is to merge the Eurocup with the Champions League and to organize that competition by FIBA. At the same time, the goal is to expand the Euroleague to 24 clubs, which gives a guaranteed 46 matches for all participants. According to the current rules, the champion of the Eurocup and possibly the finalist entered the elite, now the idea is to expand that number from two to six. In that way, FIBA ​​would give more importance to national championships – the same source states.

The third step would be, believe it or not, to include Netflix.

– The online platform “Netflix” could broadcast all that. The NBA League is already planning to organize broadcasts of matches from the Development League, from Africa, and the Euroleague would be included in that, all in order to expand the market and so that users in America could watch European basketball. The whole project could start as early as Wednesday at the shareholders’ meeting at which Bertomeu will be replaced. The favorite for his place is Bodiroga – it is stated.

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