FIFTH STRAIGHT VICTORY FOR MIAMI: Doncic couldn't do it alone!

The Dallas Mavericks were defeated by the Miami Heat in Texas with 125:110. The guests from Florida now have five consecutive victories in the NBA League.

Slovenian basketball player Luka Doncic played the best match of the season, but he did not have adequate help from his teammates, he was followed only by Jalen Brunson with 25 and Tim Hardaway with 17 points, while Kristaps Porzingis is still not on the team due to injury.

Doncic scored 33 points, with five assists and three rebounds, while Serbian basketball player Boban Marjanovic got only two minutes, and during that time he managed to miss a shot, lose the ball and catch a jump.

Miami had as many as four players in its ranks, who scored over 20 points. Tyler Herro was in the best mood in the ranks of Heath with 25 points, and Jimmy Butler with 23, Bam Adebayo and Kyle Laurie were also excellent with 22 points each.

The team from Florida is first in the East with six victories and one defeat, Chicago has the same number of victories, while Dallas is fourth in the West with four triumphs and three defeats.

The Miami Heat will meet the Boston Celtics in the next duel, while the Mavericks will visit the San Antonio Spurs.

In the other duels this evening, the Detroit Pistons were defeated by the current champion Milwaukee with 117:89, the Utah Jazz defeated the Sacramento Kings 119:113 at home. The Suns defeated the New Orleans Pelicans 112:100 in Phoenix, and the Los Angeles Lakers were better than the Houston Rockets by two points 119:117.

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