Miami celebrated against Boston in the third game

On the night between Saturday and Sunday, the Miami Heat basketball players defeated the Boston Celtics 109-103 in the third game of the Eastern Conference finals.

At Miami, Bam Adebayo was the most efficient with 31 points, 10 rebounds, six assists and four steals.

He was followed by Tucker with 17 points, Strus with 16 points, Lowry with 11 points, while Bulter scored only 8 points.

For the Boston team, the best was Brown with 40 points and nine rebounds.

He was followed by Horford with 20 points and 14 rebounds, Smart with 16 points and seven assists, and Tatum and Williams scored 10 points each.

The Boston basketball players started the match extremely badly, scoring only 18 points in the first 12 minutes, so Miami won the first quarter with 39:18, and in the second section they reached the maximum +26.

Miami’s Jimmy Butler was injured during the match and had to leave the field after 19 minutes of play.

However, this is not a serious injury, so he will probably not miss a single match of the East finals.

After he left the field, the Celtics almost used it to make a complete turnaround.

By halftime, they managed to reach -15, and they had the same at the end of the third period (72:87).

At one point in the match, Boston almost equalized (92:93) thanks to the great Jaylen Brown.

However, Miami reached +7 (100:93) with a series of 7:0, and Boston did not have a chance for a new return.

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