FENERBAHCE HAS NO LONGER PATIENCE: So far we have supported the Euroleague, but…

Complaints against referees have always existed, but Fenerbahce decided to go a step further and made a public statement regarding dissatisfaction due to the criteria in the Euroleague.

Namely, the Fenerbahce issued a regular statement in which it stated that it was not satisfied with the treatment of its players.

– Fenerbahce, a team that has an A license in the Euroleague, has consistently provided the maximum by defending the values ​​of the Euroleague since the 2006/07 season. We adhered to the principles and acted in accordance with the unity of the Euroleague organization even after the matches that were decided by unacceptable refereeing decisions.

– However, because of what we have been witnessing since the beginning of the 2021/22 season. we can’t keep quiet about the growing number of refereeing mistakes, which have been recognized among basketball fans.

– In our three recent matches – against Panathinaikos on October 7, Real Madrid on October 21 and Barcelona on October 26, the referee decided the outcome of the match through very suspicious decisions. These decisions were often made at key moments, and included unsportsmanlike errors not previously seen. Moreover, they were adopted in a way that is contrary to the standards that are respected in the Euroleague.

– We are also aware of the fact that the Euroleague has admitted mistakes in the trial in the past and officially apologized to clubs in similar situations – it is stated in the announcement.

The Fenerbahce added that it has always supported the Euroleague and its way of functioning, but…

– Although we have been with the league until this moment, it has become impossible for us to continue like this after these recent events. Our club, with a rich history and significant investment in men’s basketball, with its strong sponsors, is one of the most valuable partners of the Euroleague and does not accept the unfair consequences of refereeing decisions – it is stated in the announcement.

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