INCIDENT IN PARIS: Paris Saint-Germain football player robbed by a prostitute!

Paris Saint-Germain’s football player, Ander Herrera, experienced one unpleasant situation yesterday.

The player of Paris Saint Germain was robbed by the prostitute, while he was standing at the traffic light.

As the French news reported, one of the PSG football players was the target of a robbery.

During the day, almost all European media reported this news, while in the end, news revealed that it was Ander Herrera.

Police were called around 8 pm on Tuesday night when the theft of the wallet was reported.

According to reports, Herrera stopped at a red light in his car at a traffic light, a prostitute got into his car and took a wallet and a mobile phone that were standing in the passenger seat.

The football player subsequently received a call and instructions to drive to a specific location in order to get his phone back, which he did.

Anything can happen on the streets of Paris…

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