Norrie was defeated by Coric, but talks about winning against Alcaraz!

Although Cameron Norrie played great this week in Cincinnati, he was stopped by Croatian Borno Coric, who is the biggest surprise of the tournament.

However, Norrie talked about the victory he achieved over Carlos Alcaraz, who is currently the fourth tennis player in the world.

-” It was an incredible match. Congratulations to Carlos as well. I had a set and 4:1, but then I lost my rhythm and vision of the game. I thought a lot about finishing the match, before concentrating on getting points. I restrained myself, he raised the level, he gave me literally nothing,” Norie began and continued:

Carlos was one of the most prepared players.

-” I just wanted to last as long as possible, the only place where I was really better than him was my legs and the physical aspect. I tried to make every exchange as fast as possible, to make it difficult for him to finish points.”

A very difficult match, special tactics are needed.

-” It’s difficult because he can literally knock the racket out of your hand. When he dictates the game with his forehand, it’s difficult, you run a lot. I just needed to return the ball to inconvenient places on the field. I managed to serve well, I improved compared to previous matches,” concluded Cameron Norrie.

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