Fernandes: We had a difficult start, none of us was ready for it

Bruno Fernandes, a Portuguese footballer and member of Manchester United, reflected on the criticism directed by Gabriel Agbonlahor, but also on the current situation in the dressing room.

Namely, the former player of Aston Villa, Gabriel Agbonlahor sent a huge series of criticisms against United, so much so that it bothered Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, who defended his colleague Erik ten Hag.

On this occasion, United’s winger Bruno Fernandes also spoke out, saying that he was not too worried by Agbonlahor’s statement.

“It doesn’t worry me too much, honestly. He never played with me, he doesn’t know how I am. I was talking to a wife yesterday, she asked me about that interview and I told her, you know what calms me down? The fact that two days ago I was called by a man called Juan Mata, world and European champion, winner of the Champions League, everything in England.

He told me, ‘you were the best people I met in football, keep it up, be yourself, with that sincerity and desire to work.’ If someone says so, you know how I feel. I’m boring, but I’m demanding, I demand that from myself, but also from everyone else,” said Fernandes. Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes also looked back on the bad start at the very beginning of the Premier League.

“We had a difficult start, none of us was ready for it. But there is no better match than the next one to give us an answer, as far as we are concerned and our ambitions. I think it happened to us because of the lack of faith between us. We conceded a goal against Brighton and we felt that distrust from last season. It’s about self-confidence. We have to get that back.

There is sadness in the dressing room, we are broken by the results. Expectations were high after the preparatory matches. We all know that is not the desired level. I also need to look in the mirror and do better than I did. There are no problems in the dressing room, quite the opposite”, added Fernandes.

The match between Manchester United and Liverpool will be played on Monday, August 22 at 9 p.m.

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