David Goffin, a tennis player from Belgium, points out that he has no dilemma when it comes to choosing GOAT.

Although Novak Djokovic is currently the fifth player in the world, David points out that this does not affect his decision because it has nothing to do with reality in the world of tennis.

The 2022 season as the best player in the world ended with Carlos Alcaraz, who became the youngest number one in the history of the “white sport”.

-” I have no doubt about who is really the first tennis player in the world. Even if it is now Carlos Alcaraz, Djokovic remains the best tennis player today. During 2022, he could not play much, but in the tournaments he played, he always had great results and repeatedly showed that he is the strongest,” said Goffin.

-“Some surprising defeats happen, like the one against Rune in Bersi, but in the long run, Novak remains the best.”

Novak finished the season behind us with five titles.


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