Novak Djokovic never ceases to amaze us when we take into account the data related to tennis and his rivals.

The third Grand Slam has reached the semi-finals, and now we will compare the top four.

When everything is added up and subtracted, Novak has three times more victories than other competitors.

After the victory over Andrey Rublev, the Serbian ace has 91st at Wimbledon, or 33rd in a row in London. Compared to him, the remaining three have only 31. So, all three have less than Djokovic has in a row.

Danil Medvedev is the best of them, while Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz have nine each. All together, almost three times less than Djokovic alone.

Today, Novak will fight with Jannik Sinner for the Wimbledon final.


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