AS MOST SAY: Alcaraz is the future of tennis!

The young Spaniard Carlos Alcaraz delights all tennis fans around the world day by day.

Swede Bjorn Borg spoke on the subject and pointed out that Alcaraz is the future of tennis.

“He will soon be number one and I think he will remain at that top for many years. How he plays, and how he moves, has everything to do with it. No weaknesses. I think he has a good chance to triumph in the final in Madrid. Watching this guy play is incredible, I’m very impressed,” said Bjorn.

In his time, Borg was the “clay king” because he won Roland Garros 6 times, and then Rafael Nadal came and broke that record, winning RG 14 times.

Alcaraz would have a much better chance for the title if Nadal did not play, but he points out that he wants to see him at Roland Garros.

“It’s a shame to see Rafa skip clay tournaments, those are the competitions he likes the most. Health is the most important thing and if he decided not to go to Rome, then he concluded that he is not ready. I hope to see him at Roland Garros at one hundred percent. The whole world wants him to be at that percentage of readiness,” said Alcaraz.

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