Bormla Subbuteo club shines at major of Frameries in Belgium

Bormla Subbuteo Club, ranked as the number 3 seed in the world by Fistf, showcased its prowess at the prestigious Major of Frameries in Belgium.

With 42 teams participating, this tournament marked a significant event in the world of table football, and Bormla Subbuteo Club rose to the occasion with remarkable achievements.

In Group 3, Bormla Subbuteo Club displayed dominance by securing victories in all games. With 9 points from 3 wins, including impressive 3-0 victories over JSC Rochefort of Belgium and Tiburones B of Spain, as well as a hard-fought 2-1 win against Issy les Moulineaux of France, Bormla asserted its strength early on.

Advancing to the knockout stages, Bormla continued its winning streak. In the last 16, a thrilling 2-1 victory against Asd SC Salernitana of Italy, with a decisive goal by Pisani in the final seconds, propelled Bormla forward amid jubilant celebrations. Notable performances by Golger against Preziuso sealed the victory.

In the quarterfinals, Bormla faced Bolognia Tigers of Italy, securing a 2-1 win with commanding performances by team captain Aquilina and Busch. The victory, marked by Aquilina’s 3-0 win and Busch’s crucial 2-1 triumph, solidified Bormla’s path to the semifinals, marking their third consecutive podium finish internationally.

In the semifinals, Bormla engaged in a tactical battle against Reggio Emilia fratt Bari of Italy, ultimately securing a hard-fought 2-1 victory. Despite a valiant effort by the opposition, Bormla’s resilience prevailed, securing a spot in the final. Notable performances by Busch and Golger contributed significantly to the team’s success.

Comprised of talented players including Captain Charles Aquilina, John Zammit, George Ebejer, Jason Pisani, Bessim Golger, David Busch, and Katerina W Busch, with Josef Camilleri as the team manager, Bormla Subbuteo Club showcased exceptional teamwork and skill throughout the tournament.

Individual achievements were also notable, with Charles Aquilina reaching the quarterfinals in the Veteran category and Josef Camilleri reaching the semifinal consolation.

Looking ahead, Bormla Subbuteo Club is set to participate in the Grand Prix in Vienna, Austria, and Mallorca, Spain, with the MTFSA Malta Grand Prix scheduled for the end of April.

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