Malta Sports Journalists Association holds official meetings with National Sports Associations

The Malta Sports Journalists Association (MSJA) is currently holding meetings with various local sports associations and federations as part of the MSJA’s commitment to improve the communication of these Associations with the sports media. These meetings were held in the past, but the need was felt to reintroduce them on a regular basis.

Recently, MSJA hosted the following associations at its offices at the National Pool Complex at Tal-Qroqq; Malta Handball Association, Malta Tennis Federation, Malta Bowling Association and the Malta Gymnastics Federation.

These meetings have focused on exploring the proper way that these associations can have an effective public engagement within the sports media sector. MSJA is always available to assist these associations to better promote their sporting events and to circulate as much information as possible to the public.

During these meetings, the associations and federations had the opportunity to share with the MSJA’s Executive Committee their administrative operations and challenges they encounter during the season.

The MSJA remains dedicated to fostering an environment of collaboration and continuous improvement with all local sports associations and federations. The meetings are chaired by Sandro Micallef and Lorraine Cunningham, the President and General Secretary of MSJA, respectively.

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