ZANETTI REMEMBERED BARCELONA: When you believe, everything is possible

Inter made it to the Champions League final for the first time in 13 years, and Inter vice president Javier Zanetti believes that Simeon Inzaghi’s team will have a tough test against Manchester City, but that the Neroazzurri know how to play such matches.

Although Inter is an outsider in this final, the Argentine remembers the year 2010 when the Neroazzuri managed to eliminate Barcelona in the semi-finals, which seemed unstoppable at the time.

“For me, City have never been more complete. They have alternatives in all lines and they are all top footballers. They can throw you off balance on every part of the field. But in the final, anything is possible. If we go back to that 2010 semi-final with Barcelona, it was almost like a final for us. Even then it seemed that their elimination would be an impossible mission. But we managed to pass that obstacle, because when you believe, everything is possible”, said Zanetti.

Inter has won the title of European champion three times, while City is chasing the first trophy in this competition in the second final.

Zanetti played for Inter for 19 years and in 858 appearances, scored 21 goals and recorded 33 assists.

It was impressive that the Inter defender earned his first red card at the age of 38 in a game against Udinese.

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