Salah: Liverpool and United, the two biggest clubs in England

Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool winger, said before the derby with Manchester United that he expected a tough match in the third round of the Premier League.

“Liverpool and Manchester United are perhaps the two biggest clubs in the history of English football, that’s why I think it will be a special match for all the fans. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal – these are top clubs you always want them to play against. Those matches will always be derbies. There will always be a rivalry between Liverpool and Manchester United, because those two clubs are the biggest in England,” Salah said, then added:

“We can’t wait for this match, just like them, so let’s see what will happen. Manchester United is a top team with top players. They didn’t have a good start, but they certainly want to beat us. I respect them very much. I am sure that Manchester United will fight with all their might to win this match”.

During the first two rounds of the Premier League, Liverpool won two points, while Manchester United won two defeats.

“It won’t be easy and I’m not thinking about scoring one, two or three goals. I know it will be a very difficult match. They have top footballers, as well as a good coach,” concluded Salah.

The derby of the third round of the Premier League is played today at 9 p.m.

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