OSIMHEN AT UNITED? Napoli are looking for Ronaldo, plus 120,000,000 euros!

A potential transfer bomb could reverberate in the coming period. Namely, United is looking for a striker, and the first wish is Victor Osimhen!

The Nigerian footballer has been dominating in the Napoli jersey for the past few years.

It is clear that the Italian club does not want to get rid of their attacker so easily, so if the big man from “Old Trafford” wants to see him in his ranks, he will have to seriously open his wallet!

As the Italian “RAI” reports, Napoli is looking for Cristiano Ronaldo plus 120,000,000 euros for Osimhen. However, that is not all. The Portuguese would come on a one-year loan during which the “Red Devils” would take on the entire annual salary of £30,000,000!

Throughout the transfer window, Ronaldo tried to find an adequate club, and Naples could be the ideal destination. The team will compete in the Champions League and currently occupies first place in the table in Serie A. Judging by its current form, it will be one of the candidates for the Scudetto.

Now it all rests with United. This would be a serious expenditure, especially when the transfer of Anthony from Ajax is added to it, which will not be below 90,000,000 euros, it will be a serious attack on the Glazers’ budget.

Would you like this swap between Napoli and United to happen?

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