MOURINHO: Maybe I'll call Toti against Milan

Roma was defeated in Bergamo by Atalanta, but what worries Mourinho much more is the personnel situation in the club.

The Roman she-wolf was not very lucky in Begamo, considering that she lost to a direct rival for the place that she leads to the Champions League next season, and they ended the game with nine, because Llorente and Dybala were injured.

“We finished with nine players. This is a very difficult situation for me, my team. As things are now, I will have to call Toti or Aldair to play against Milan,’ said Mourinho.

Although they were defeated, the controversial Portuguese believes that they controlled the match for the most part.

“Even in the finish when we had only nine players, we hit the post and it could have been 3:2. I’m not going to say that it’s wrong that they won because we made a lot of mistakes,’ finished Jose.

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