Mason Greenwood was arrested again

The Manchester United winger, 21-year-old Mason Greenwood, was arrested again for violating the bail rules, according to the media from the island.

At the beginning of this year, young Mason was accused of violent behavior, sexual assault and attempted rape of a woman. Of course, he was immediately arrested, and United fired him and suspended all his sponsorship deals.

In the meantime, he paid bail so that he could defend himself from freedom, however, he broke the rules contained in it. Namely, he tried to contact the victim immediately after leaving prison, which was immediately reported.

The police found evidence that the claim was true, and he was immediately arrested again. Mason Greenwood is a child of the club from Old Trafford, he spent his entire football career at United. Just when he was starting to play as a standard first-team player, and providing great games, he made a stupid mistake that, by all accounts, will cost him the brilliant career he could have had.

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