LOTHAR MATTHAUS: No one has "tricked" Bayern like Tottenham

The legendary German footballer Lothar Matthaus commented on the events in the club from Munich, as well as the transfer saga of Harry Kane, who eventually arrived at Bayern.

Matthaus criticized the move of Tomas Tuchel, coach of the Bavarians, who inserted Kane into the game in the Super Cup match against Leipzig when the opponent was leading 2:0.

Tuchel introduced his new star worth 100 million euros into the game in the 64th minute of the match with Leipzig when the score was 0:2. In the end, he was defeated 0:3.

Personally, I would never bring Kane into the game. After all the trouble surrounding his arrival in the last few days, it was necessary to wait for the promotion, possibly for him to be presented to the fans before the match, and then placed next to Uli Hoeneß in the stands.

He would then do a few training sessions with the team and be ready to start from the first minute against Werder in the first round. In my opinion, Kane’s debut was a mistake. There was a lot of fuss, a flight to Munich, quick inspections and signing in the middle of the night. It was definitely not a good idea to push him onto the field right away.” said Matthaus.

Lothar approves the transfer of Kane to Bayern as an excellent move by the administration from Munich, but he still found a few objections.

“Overall, it’s a great job. Harry belongs to the five best strikers today. He will have to get used to the Bundesliga, but he will certainly score a lot of goals season after season.

However, the whole uproar surrounding his arrival was not something that characterizes Bayern’s way of working and doing business. I can’t remember that Bayern has ever allowed a club to smear it like that. Previously, it would be something like this: We want your player, we give you 80 million euros. You have seven days to think. If nothing happened, there was always option B.

This Kane thing has gone on too long. But okay, it’s here now. Top player, the price is also acceptable for today’s time.” concluded Lothar Matthaus.

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