LEWANDOWSKI "DROPPED THE BALL": My contract is valid for another year, I don't know if I want to leave!

The saga of Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski and his departure from Bayern continues. The situation is changing day by day.

Lewandowski said on several occasions that he wanted to leave the Munich club, but the representatives of the Bavarian team kept silent about that until a few days ago.

Bayern president Harbert Hainer spoke out, emphasizing that the top scorer in the Bundesliga still has a valid contract with the team for next season and that he cannot just leave.

All this was reported by “Bild”, which then asked Lewandowski, but the Pole still “dropped the ball” a bit.

– I don’t know if I want to leave. My contract is valid for another year, so I asked the club for permission to change the environment. I think this is the best solution for this situation. Thanks to that, the club will be able to make money on me – said Lewandowski.

The Pole also pointed out that he does not want to wage war with the team.

– We are not enemies. I respect this club and this city because it has become my second home. I’m not selfish. I know what Bayern gave me and I really appreciate that. The media often looks for gossip and emotions. I want this to end and I don’t want to add fuel to the fire – said the football player.

Lewandowski has been playing for Bayern since July 2014. In 374 games, he scored an incredible 344 goals, with 124 assists.

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