JUVENTUS DOESN'T WANT TO GO TO EUROPE: They are asking to be kicked out of the Conference League

Juventus finished in sixth place in Serie A last season because they were stripped of 10 points after the fraud was discovered.

If it weren’t for that penalty, the team from Turin would have played in the Champions League, but in the end, they were left with the option of competing only in the Conference League.

However, the big question is whether the team will compete in the weakest European club competition. UEFA is currently considering a penalty for Juventus due to an earlier violation of financial fair play, and the “Old Lady” proposed that the penalty be expulsion from the Conference League.

The leaders of the club want to settle with UEFA in order to avoid further and harsher punishments. The club has nothing against renouncing the Conference League. Juventus would also withdraw from the Superliga project to smooth relations with UEFA.

In the case of this scenario, they were replaced by Fiorentina, who finished in eighth place in Serie A. The club from Florence played in the final of this competition last season, where they were defeated by West Ham.

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