Eriksen: I remember everything except those 5 minutes

Christian Eriksen, a Danish footballer who is recently a new Brentford player, spoke for the first time about the events of June 12, when he collapsed in the match with Finland.

Then the whole stadium, but also the people outside, stopped.

The Danish footballer told the BBC that he remembers everything except those five minutes.

“I remember everything except those five minutes, which I was later told how long it took. But I remember the throw-in from the side and the moment the ball hit me in the knee, not what happened after that. I woke up surrounded by people and felt pressure in my chest. I was trying to breathe and I didn’t understand what was happening, “Eriksen told the BBC.

“I didn’t know what was going on, I thought about whether something happened to my legs or whether I hurt my back. In the ambulance, I heard someone ask how long I had been gone and the answer from which I learned was that it all took five minutes. That was the first time I heard that I was not there “, Eriksen added.

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