DEPAY WITH MENDY: Who will remove the stain from his name now?

Dutch football player Memphis Depay spoke out quickly after Ben Mendy was acquitted of rape and attempted rape charges.

Memphis Depay wonders what happened after everything and how Mendy can continue his career normally now that it turns out that he did not commit the acts that were put on him, which caused him to end his career.

The French football player was accused of raping a 24-year-old girl in October 2018, while another 29-year-old girl accused him of attempted rape. Nevertheless, Mendy was acquitted in both cases.

The English media reported that during the pronouncement of the verdict, the now-former football player broke down in tears.

“And what should we do now? Who will help Mandy get over all this? Who will be responsible for his name being tarnished? How will he get his career back? So many years of investment to become a professional footballer, and now what?

I haven’t dealt with this case so far because I don’t know the details, but I talked to him once on “Facetime” while he was in custody and we played against each other several times. I saw no evil in him. We must not allow such things to be done to us athletes. Who will stand by us when necessary? Don’t turn your back on people.” said Depay.

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