VANESSA DISCOVERED SHOCKING DETAILS: I picked up the phone to call Kobe, and then notifications started arriving…

Vanessa Bryant, the wife of the basketball player Kobe Bryant who lost his life in a tragic way, revealed new details, as well as how she found out about the accident.

Vanessa revealed that she found out about the crash of the helicopter and the victims from the media because the assistant previously reported that there were five survivors.

– I was holding the phone and trying to call my husband, and then all those notifications started popping up on my phone. “Rest in peace, Kobe, rest in peace, Kobe,” she said.

The widow of one of the greatest NBA stars in history pointed out that she will never get over this loss.

“My life will never be the same again without my husband and daughter,” Vanessa revealed.

She is also now suing local authorities for unauthorized crime scene photography.

Then I said: If you can’t bring my husband back, please don’t let anyone to take pictures of him. Please secure that area – she said.

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